Epic Cat Fails

Cats fail to Disturbed – Down With The Sickness.

BEST Epic Fail Wins Compilation Jule 2013! HD #8BEST Epic Fail Wins Compilation Jule 2013! HD #8BEST Epic Fail Wins Compilation Jule 2013! HD #8BEST Epic Fai…
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29 Responses to “Epic Cat Fails”

  1. EviLDo0m says:

    thanks for the answer !

  2. Carolina Gray says:

    The cat at 2:10 is actually a serval… A serval is a wild cat but servals have been bred with domestic cats

  3. Ronan Johnson says:

    nice 33

  4. Nathalie Kats says:

    2:08 hahaha drunk cat :P 

  5. SeachainAroon says:

    Webster-Merriam Dictionary
    Definition of EXECRABLE
    1: deserving to be execrated : detestable (execrable crimes)
    2: very bad : wretched (execrable hotel food)

  6. yarden calif says:

    all of theese are old

  7. blitzofthehell says:

    2:33 is funny!

  8. mNk313 says:

    Epic - Cats the song xD

  9. EviLDo0m says:

    What race is the cat at 2:10 … he seems so gigantic .. must egyptien or somethign right?

  10. EviLDo0m says:

    lol What a fagget not to like Disturbed !! One of the greatest band on the whole world !! … justin bieber have wrote a song agains’T suicide ? Guess not ‘CAUSE HE’S A SELFISH BITCH

  11. Juan Horacio Jacobo Taboada says:

    i love the part when the cat attack the guy but the guy do a SHOORYUKEN to him then the cat explotes to the screen

  12. TheRGReflex says:

    What the hell does execrable mean ho

  13. SeachainAroon says:

    Nobody needed to know your execrable taste in music either, but you put it up in a video.

  14. chubbie bunnie says:

    He didnt film it…..how….jeez….-sigh-

  15. chubbie bunnie says:

    Why comment about it. Noone needs to know if you like it or not just turn the volume down….simple as that

  16. mNk313 says:

    Here’s the song Epic - Cats: /watch?v=Nxxu0i9UVMk
    Enjoy xD

  17. FunnyOmbash Corrina says:

    0:24 Is the most hilarious and 2:32 I couldn’t stop replaying that part.. xD

  18. WendyTheDevil says:

    Man.. i love cats

  19. Charlie Lowry says:

    welcome to the internet

  20. Jake Baker says:

    what kind of potato did you use to film this?

  21. TheOrangeStopSign says:

    The music is what does it. This is beautiful.

  22. MrGusse0123 says:

    Måske imorgen

  23. zachary browning says:

    so funny celing fan cat

  24. SeachainAroon says:

    couldn’t even watch it because of the music. Killed all mood.

  25. tya green says:

    lol so funny who knew haha

  26. tabithabrooks51 says:


  27. tabithabrooks51 says:


  28. tabithabrooks51 says:

    Im 88 ik I’m ikilik8kj NJ j mjmhilol mj8 kjjkaq

  29. Lasjdlaskjd Asjdhiasg says:


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