Xbox One: Microsoft Doomed The Xbox One To Fail?

Xbox One Kinect U-Turn is a mistake too far for Microsoft Console is backed into a corner with nowhere to go. Microsoft’s latest in a series of Xbox One U-Tu…
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25 Responses to “Xbox One: Microsoft Doomed The Xbox One To Fail?”

  1. ClayCreeper says:

    Wait wait wait the Xbox one will be shit cause kinect is no longer required? Seems legit

  2. GamningGod117 says:

    he did just repeat everything he said at the beginning like 3 times over so… meh

  3. ChicagoShnozzlers says:

    Fuck off you fucking suck

  4. HotGritz910 says:

    Wow, everyone knows everything these days! People are smart.

  5. steven mawhirt says:

    lol this video is so retarded

  6. DC5Jcd says:

    Lol lol lol erase all the times u say kinect and take away all the problems..ps4

  7. Iseevacant says:

    U tell it like it is, subbed

  8. ForeverRepublic says:

    Good points man, it really raises the question of the cost, considering it is the Kenect that is keeping a $500 price tag on it. I’m a 360 gamer, but I am switching over to the PS4 this generation. The switch is fueled by a lot of reasons, but the price is the selling point for myself and I’m sure a lot of other gamers, who could care less about the Kenect.

    Just a side note, I like the face you make at 2:43, that’s the face of a boss, mate.

  9. SNiiPES08 says:

    I always watch you videos and I enjoy your opinions I will be buying a ps4 maybe but to be so biased and one sided isn’t good for a YouTube channel…. Unsubscribed

  10. Wouter Gunst says:

    Have you noticed people calling other people fanboys are nearly always fanboys themselves? Anyways, just found you on youtube, I like your honesty. Good to hear the voice of a sensible person in these console wars. Keep us updated please :)

  11. grimsey1177 says:

    I think we get the message that you don’t like the Xbox One. The PS4 does sound like a good buy, ( and I’ll be getting one), but I don’t understand why PS4 fans are not content that they will have a great console, but instead just want to find fault in Microsoft. Granted they have made mistakes,..that’s a given, but that appears to have produced a bunch of experts who can predict the future and seem to know more about the games console market than the people who make the things!

  12. dadof2li says:

    Sure they would, i did lol

  13. GreatGreenWolf says:

    Will they be usefull? Or is it a 100$ Gimmick? For example, you can record 5 minute clips on the Xbox one, by saying ”Xbox record that”, PS4 can do it for 15 minutes, by just clicking a button. It’s really not necessary:/
    Im only talking about the gamer right now, and of course no one who is planning to buy the Xbox one for their family, will bother with going on to Youtube to start a flame war>.<

  14. Dommino beardy says:

    PS4 has loads of PC games (Free-to-plays) and Microsoft are fucking up with it so pa4 also has better exclusives than xbox shit60

  15. dadof2li says:

    What are you talking about, almost every game coming to the xbox has kinect functions…exclusives and third party

  16. xaviershark3 says:

    no dev will ever use Kinect.

    there’s evidence of that now, why be in denial?

  17. xaviershark3 says:

    Don’t worry, you just gain a sub.

  18. hislastbreath13 says:

    Fuck the $hitbox one80, or should I say 360? Lol

  19. TheFearReaper says:

    Specs don’t mean much I’ll agree. But dude, better games is a matter of opinion, PSN has vastly improved since PS+, as for user interface….I HATE METRO WITH A PASSION! You think Xbox does everything PS4 can do and more? You sir, are an idiot.

  20. tmanly256 says:

    your argument is a little inconsistent, you clearly don’t want kinect bundled but then your’e complaining that game developers won’t develop any games for kinect if microsoft don’t force people to buy it, and its stupid to start guessing microsoft’s price plan when you don’t know, plus, how do you know what games I want to buy?

  21. Ryan90121 says:

    So they make a complete 360 flop!
    Even if that happened I still wouldn’t buy it!

  22. Ryan90121 says:

    You are still going to buy the console from those lying ass holes???
    Makes no sense what so ever!

  23. RiseToTheBottom says:

    Fuck ps3 and ps4 im a way better gamer than all of them just check my channel and jack there is no reason to buy the xbox one and im pretty sure thats what microsoft wants ok, they sold enough xbox ones already so now all they wanna do is make xbox live own playstation network witch 75% will happen , and rub it into there playstation networks face, cuz i trust them with that, i trust they wont go bankrupt, they wont get hacked, they wont turn back on the drm, they wont do any more stupid shit

  24. RiseToTheBottom says:


  25. Numb Shark says:


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